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Epidendrum melinanthum
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Epidendrum melinanthum

Epidendrum melinanthum Schltr. Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 7: 139. 1920.

Type: Colombia. Valle del Cauca, Papagayeros. Fleurs entièrement jaunes. Alt. 800–1200 m. Nov 1899. Langlassé 11 (B†; lectotype: K!; lectotypes: AMES! G! P, US!).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Cauca, Municipality of Popayán, road to Timbio, 1600 m. December 2016. J.S. Moreno & A.L. Erazo 341 (CAUP; LCDP voucher).

Epidendrum melinanthum is recognized by its terrestrial or lithophytic habit, distichous leaves, an apical inflorescence of numerous and successive non resupinate yellow flowers and by having 3 basal tubercles, a T shaped lip, with a deeply dentate margin, and the mid-lobe bifid, into two square, somewhat divergent lobes with a mucro in the sinus. Similar to Epidendrum aura-usecheae Hágsater, C. Rincón-Useche et O. Pérez with also yellow flowers but the margins of the lip deeply mbriate with the fimbria bent in all directions and a more complex callus represented by a structure of 12–14 unequal tubercles.

LCDP: Epidendrum melinanthum Schltr. A. Habit. B. Flower. C. Dissected perianth. D. Ovary with column and lip. E. Column, side and dorsal view. F. Pollinia. G. Anther cap. H. Capsule, different states of maturation. . .