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Masdevallia jaderi
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Masdevallia jaderi

Masdevallia jaderi S.Vieira-Uribe & Bogarín, Orquideología 33 (1): 16. 2016.

Type: Colombia. Departamento de Antioquia, municipio de San Pedro de Los Milagros, plantación de pino ciprés –Cupressus lusitanica– alrededor de la represa de Riogrande II, 2400 m. Nov. 24 2012. Colectado por Nora Londoño, Jáder Zapata y Jorge Jaramillo. S. Vieira 0021 (holotype, JAUM).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia, Antioquia, Municipality of Belmira, Flowered in cultivation in home of Jáder Zapata, 2500 m. January 2015, E. Domínguez & J. Zapata 260 (HUA 201223; LCDP voucher).

Masdevallia Ruiz & Pavón, with about 350 species, of which 153 are found in Colombia, is characterized by having flowers with ornate sepals, usually caudate and united at the base. The genus ranges from Central America to South America at elevations between 200-4000 m. Masdevallia jaderi S.Vieira-Uribe & Bogarín belongs to subsection Saltatrices (Rchb.f.) Luer, which is characterized by having flowers with tubular base in the sepals. It is only known from the type locality. Masdevallia angulifera Rchb.f. ex. Kraenzl. is the most closely related species, but it differs in the shorter sepals, the vestigial apical cauda, and the cordate lip base. In Masdevallia jaderi, the apexes of the sepals are acute and ecaudate and the base of the lip is rounded. . .