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Encyclia stellata
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Encyclia stellata

Encyclia stellata (Lindl.) Schltr., Orchideen Beschreib. Kult. Zücht.: 211. 1914.

Type: Venezuela. Caracas, Purdie s.n. (holotype: K).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Antioquia: Municipality of Sabanalarga, tropical dry forest, 560 m. 10 Apr 2019. M. Rincón- González s.n. (LCDP voucher).

Etymology: Derived from the Latin stella, “star” because of the shape the flowers take when dried.

Encyclia stellata is morphologically similar to Encyclia oncidioides (Lindl.) Schltr., it differs in the symmetrical lateral lobes of the lip (vs. asymmetrical), longer midlobe 8.0 mm (vs. 6.0–7.3 mm), shorter column 6.8 mm long (vs. 7.2–8.5 mm), with a pair of short apical wings (vs. prominent incurved rounded auricles). The species of the Encyclia oncidioides complex are morphologically similar and their taxonomic delimitation requires further revision (Ames et al. 1935). According to Pupulin & Bogarín (2012) the species is easily distinguished by the verrucose ovary, the midlobe of the lip with three narrow, conspicuous, warty keels running from the base toward the apex with several lower keels radiating from the center to the sides the lateral lobes of the lip narrowing toward the tips, and a short, basally branching inflorescence.