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Epidendrum fimbriatum
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Epidendrum fimbriatum

Epidendrum fimbriatum Kunth, Nov. Gen. Sp. 1: 351. 1816.

Type: Colombia. Crescit in Andibus Popayanesium, locis sybapricis Parami Puracensis et in convalli fluminis El Vinagre, alt. 1370 hex. A.J.A. Bonpland & F.W.H.A. von Humboldt s.n. (holotype: P).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Caldas: Manizales. Refugio Silvestre Río Blanco, al norte de la ciudad. En bosque secundario, 5°07’31” N 75°26’48” W, 2060 m, 7 de agosto 2015, A.P. Karremans 6709, J. Alomía, L. Henao-Mejía & J.T. Otero (LCDP voucher).

Epidendrum fimbriatum is recognized by its terrestrial or lithophytic habit, scandent stems, distichous leaves, an apical inflorescence of numerous and successive non resupinate flowers. The tiny flowers are snow white spotted with purple and a fimbriate lip. It is widely distributed in the three cordilleras of the Andes in Colombia at high elevations where it can be found in large masses along roadsides. . .