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Epidendrum scrotiforme
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Epidendrum scrotiforme

Epidendrum scrotiforme Est.Domínguez, S.Mesa, E.Santiago & Hágsater, sp. nov.

Epidendrum scrotiforme is most similar to E. latisegmentum C.Schweinf., but can be distinguished by the prominent nectary forming a vesicle protruding from the pedicellate ovary (vs. no prominent vesicle in the pedicellate ovary).

Type: Colombia. Antioquia: Municipality of Don Matías, Vereda La Piñuela, “Relleno Sanitario La Pradera”, 1200 m. November 2019. J. D. Saldarriaga 0087 (holotype: HUA, LCDP voucher).

Paratype: Colombia. Antioquia: Municipality of San Rafael, Vereda Quebradona, Río Churimo, 1050 m. October 2019. J. P. Tobón 3089 (paratype: JAUM).

Epidendrum scrotiforme belongs to the Scrotiformis complex of the Incomptum group. The lip is reminiscent of E. megalopentadactylum Hágsater & Huayta but the habit of that species is longer with stems complanate and ancipitose. The transversely elliptic lip is reminiscent of E. latisegmentum C.Schweinf., but that species clearly has 2 prominent calli on the reniform lip and no prominent vesicle in the pedicellate ovary, and the 3 ribs of the lip are low and wide. . .