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Maxillariella vulcanica
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Maxillariella vulcanica

Maxillariella vulcanica (F.Lehm. & Kraenzl.) M.A.Blanco & Carnevali, Lankesteriana 7: 530. 2007.

Syn.: Maxillaria vulcanica F.Lehm. & Kraenzl. Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 26(5): 484. 1899.

Type: Ecuador. Tunguragua, 1500–2000 m. F. C. Lehmann 8103 (holotype: B, destroyed; fragment: HBG; isotypes: K, LE, US).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia, Cauca, Central Cordillera, Popyán, Rio Blanco, 1700 m, Cultivated in Finca La Elvira, Nursery Angulorquideas. J.F. Restrepo 304 (CAUP!).

Maxillariella vulcanica is recognized by the ascending habit, slender cane-like stems bearing few, ellipsoid pseudobulbs. The flowers are white, diversely su used and spotted with pink, the lip bears a conspicuous callus near the middle, and the column is prominently fringed apically. It was previously known from Ecuador and Peru, and is here recoded for Colombia as well.

LCDP: Maxilariella vulcanica (F. Lehm. & Kraenzl.) M. A. Blanco & Carnevali. A.Habit. B. Flower. C. Dissected perianth. D. Column and lip. E. Column, side and dorsal view. F. Pollinia. G. Anther cap. H. Leaf sheaths. . .