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Sobralia fragrans
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Sobralia fragrans

Sobralia fragrans Lindl., Gard. Chron. 598. 1853.

Type: Native country of the plant unknown, flowered in the collection of Robert Hanbury, Esq., at Poles near Ware [England], 07 September 1853, Hanbury s.n. (holotype, K).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Juan de Dios, Bahía Málaga-Buenaventura (Chocó Biogeographic Region), tropical rain forest, 0 m, on red mangrove branches (Rizophora mangle L.). Jan 2018. YAA 214 (VALLE; LDCP voucher).

Sobralia fragrans is distinguished by its 1-leaved stem and its ancipitose and long peduncle. The species occurs from Mexico to Ecuador and Venezuela, can be found growing from sea level up to 1200 m elevation. The epithet ‘fragrans’ refers to the pleasant smell emitted by the flowers. . .