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Lepanthes calimae
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Lepanthes calimae

Lepanthes calimae P. Ortiz, Orquideología 21(1): 69. 1998.

Type: Colombia. Valle del Cauca: [Darién], Represa del Lago Calima, ca. 1500 m. Junio 28 1996, P. Ortiz, J.H. Ramírez & J.A. González 1090 (holotype, COL).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Valle del Cauca: Dagua, San Jose del Salado, Altos de San José del Salado, 1860 m. July 2016, J.S. Moreno & A. Erazo 376 (CAUP; LCDP voucher).

Lepanthes calimae P. Ortiz, is an endemic species from Valle del Cauca Department, in the southwest of Colombia. Its distribution is restricted to the Calima region in the municipality of Darién, with additional records from near the Anchicayá Valley, where the specimen illustrated was collected. It is characterized by having pink-yellow flowers larger than the leaves, a filamentous perianth, bifurcate petals and a lip bifurcate above the base into narrowly ovate, attenuate lobes.