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Andinia chaoae
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Andinia chaoae

Andinia chaoae (S.Vieira-Uribe & L.Jost) Karremans & S.Vieira-Uribe, Phytotaxa 295(2): 124. 2017.

Type: Colombia. Putumayo: Municipio de San Francisco, Vereda Porotal, Reserva Yumartán, 2200 m. 26 June 2015. Collected by Miguel M. Bonilla. S. Vieira 0020 (holotype: JAUM; LCDP voucher).

Andinia chaoae belongs to a group of species with ovate, pubescent dorsal sepals, and reflexed non-pubescent lateral sepals with an apiculum. Its in orescence is longer than the leaf and the flowers are facing downwards. Its glabrous, triangular lateral sepals longer than the dorsal sepal easily distinguish it from all congeners except A. cordilabia, A. chelosepala and A. werneri. It can be distinguished from A. chelosepala and A. werneri by the narrowly triangular lateral sepals more than twice as long as wide, its sub-orbicular lip with lateral lobes not extending beyond the column and its pubescent petals.

LCDP: Andinia chaoae (S.Vieira-Uribe & L.Jost) Karremans & S.Vieira-Uribe. A. Habit. B. Leaf. C. Inflorescence. D. Flower. E. Dissected perianth. F. Lip, side view. G. Column, side view. H. Ovary with column and lip, side view. I. Anther cap and pollinia. . .