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Cyrtidiorchis gerardii
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Cyrtidiorchis gerardii

Cyrtidiorchis gerardii P.Ortiz, Orquideologia 25: 119. 2008.

Type: Colombia. Norte de Santander, Silos, La Laguna, ca. 2700 m. Colected by Enrique Poveda, March 2007, cultivated by Luis E. Alvarez, Pedro Ortiz V 1286 (holotype HPUJ).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia, Santander, Provincia de Vélez, Municipio de La Belleza, Vereda Vista Hermosa, common in isolated trees in grasslands and in the edge of the forest, 2388 m, mountain pluvial forest, 2 Feb. 2016.

Cyrtidiorchis Rauschert is a small genus of some ve species distributed from Colombia and Venezuela to Peru, phylogenetically related to Sauvetrea Szlach. and Mormolyca Fenzl (Maxillarinae). They are characterized by monopodial-growing stem arising from a sympodial, pseudobulb-bearing, basal rhizome. Three species of Cyrtidiorchis are reported from Colombia, C. gerardii is endemic to the country. It is most similar to C. rhomboglossa and we have our reservations about their distinctness. Cyrtidiorchis gerardii can be recognized by spreading sepals and petals, and the relatively flattened lip with an incurved apex.

LCDP: Cyrtidiorchis gerardii P. Ortiz. A. Habit. B. Flower. C. Dissected perianth. D. Column and lip lateral view. E. Column, diverse views. F. Anther cap and pollinia. . .