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Bifrenaria longicornis
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Bifrenaria longicornis

Bifrenaria longicornis Lindl., Edwards’s Bot. Reg. 24: t. 93. 1838.

Lectotype: Without locality, Tabula 93 in Lindley 1838 (designated by Koehler & do Amaral 2004).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Vaupés: Municipality of Mitú, Urania. 175 m. 11 November 2019. J.S. Moreno 526 (LCDP voucher).

Etymology: From the Latin longicornis meaning “long horn”, referring to the long spathulate base of the lip.

Bifrenaria longicornis Lindl. is restricted to the Amazon ecosystem where it is a widely distributed epiphyte that grows at elevations below 600 m. The species can be recognized by long, scandent rhizomes, a feature shared only with Bifrenaria venezuelana C.Schweinf. From the latter it can be distinguished by the sever- al-flowered inflorescence that is longer than the pseudobulbs (vs. 1-2 flowers, shorter than the pseudobulbs), the prominent spur (vs. inconspicuous), the white-yellow flowers with brown-red spots (vs. flowers purple to pale brown).