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Masdevallia stenorhynchos
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Masdevallia stenorhynchos

Masdevallia stenorhynchos Kraenzl., Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin-Dahlem 8: 130. 1922.

Type: Colombia. Antioquia: Frontino, El plateado, Kalbreyer 1528 (holotype, B, destroyed).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Tolima: Municipality of Villahermosa, 2200 m. 21 September 2018. M.A. Sierra-Ariza 21 (TOLI; LCDP voucher).

Etymology: From the Greek stenorhynchos, “a narrow snout”, referring to the narrower tail of the dorsal sepal as compared to that of Masdevallia elephanticeps Rchb.f. & Warsz.

Masdevallia stenorhynchos is endemic to Colombia, where its populations are known to be distributed in the Central and Western cordilleras. The species belongs to Masdevallia subgen. Polyantha subsect. Alaticaula and is distinguished from the other members of the subsection by the large flowers with a yellow-green dorsal sepal, yellow lateral sepals heavily spotted and suffused with purple-brown and yellow tails, with recurved margins, deeply connate forming a synsepal, connate to the dorsal sepal only at the base, forming a negligible sepaline cup, and the epichile of the lip which is remarkably crested and fringed. It is categorized as Endangered (EN) due to loss of natural habitat by deforestation (Calderón- Sáenz et al. 2006).