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Dichaea hystricina
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Dichaea hystricina

Dichaea hystricina Rchb.f., Flora 48: 279. 1865.

Type: Cuba [Orientali:] prope villam Monte Verdi dicta, Aug. 13, 1859, C. Wright 1478 (holotype: W-17196; isotype: AMES-61211).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Valle del Cauca: Municipality of Río Bravo, 1600 m. 6 September 2018. J.S. Moreno 521 (CAUP; LCDP voucher).

Etymology: From the Latin hystricinus, “porcupine-like”, in reference to the “spiny” fruits of the species.

The species is easily recognized by its small size, the linear-ligulate leaves provided with trichomes that cover the entire leaf margins, the muricate ovary, and the clawed lip, with small lobules at the base (Pupulin 2005; 2007). In Colombia, Dichaea hystricina is a widely distributed species in the understory of moist forests from 800-2100 m of elevation. . .