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Caucaea sanguinolenta
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Caucaea sanguinolenta

Caucaea sanguinolenta (Lindl.) N.H.Williams & M.W.Chase, Lindleyana 16: 284. 2001.

Type: [Venezuela]. “La Guayra”, cultivated by a Mr. Barker (holotype: K-L [?]).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Antioquia: Municipality of San José de la Montaña, vereda La Mariela, near the road to El Congo, 2800 m. 11 December 2019. S. Vieira 050 (LCDP voucher).

Caucaea sanguinolenta is a widely distributed high elevation growing species occurring in the Andean cloud forests. The species is notoriously plastic in cultivation, with various floral parts being highly variable when the growing conditions change. This has led to the proposal of multiple segregate taxa (Stacy 1975). Lindley himself had his doubts about this species, reducing it to a variety (Lindley 1855). Caucaea sanguinolenta was originally described as having green sepals and petals with a few crimson streaks, and the lateral lobes wider than the front lobes (Lindley 1844). . .