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Masdevallia misasii
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Masdevallia misasii

Masdevallia misasii Braas, Die Orchidee 33: 148, 1982

Synonyms: Masdevallia reflexa Misas, Orquideología 12: 149, 1977, non Schltr. 1923. Byrsella misasii (Luer & R. Escobar) Luer, Monogr. Syst. Bot. Missouri Bot. Gard. 28: 8. 2006.

Type: Colombia. Santander: near Velez, 1977, Sra . Berta S. de Laserna s.n. (Holotype : JAUM).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia, Santander: Provincia de Vélez, Municipio de La Belleza, Vereda Vista hermosa, 2481 msnm. Mountain pluvial forest. 25 March 2016. N. Gutiérrez 098 (LCDP voucher).

Dr. Misas was the first to describe Masdevallia misasii in 1978, but he used the epithet reflexa, that have been used by Schlechter as a synonym of the Costa Rican species M. cupularis Rchb.f. so then Brass in 1982, names it in his honor. Bertha de Laserna was the first to find it at the field, in one of the expeditions to Santander department in the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia, and it was rediscovered seven years later in 1984, in the same area, growing high in tall, mossy, cloud forest trees (Luer 2000). . .