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Masdevallia picturata
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Masdevallia picturata

Masdevallia picturata Rchb. f., Otia Bot. Hamburg. 1: 16. 1878.

Synonyms: Fissia picturata (Rchb. f.) Luer, Monogr. Syst. Bot. Missouri Bot. Gard. 105: 9. 2006.

Type: Venezuela. Near Caracas, alt. 6.000 ft. July 1850, H. Wagener s.n. (holotype, W).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Valle del Cauca: Restrepo, Rio Bravo, 1600 m. September 2018, J. S. Moreno 443 (CAUP; LCDP voucher).

Masdevallia picturata Rchb. f. is distributed in the three cordilleras of Colombia from 1500 to 2800 m of elevation, with numerous variations in size and color. The species is easily recognized by its solitary white flowers spotted with purple on the, long-tailed, sepals.