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Maxillaria colorata
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Maxillaria colorata

Maxillaria colorata Rchb. f., Ann. Bot. Syst. 6: 523–524. 1863.

Type: Peru. Warszewicz, J. s.n. (holotype: W; isotype: G).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Santander: Provincia de Vélez. Municipio La Belleza. Vereda Vista Hermosa. Mountain pluvial forest. 2420 m, 18 Nov 2016, N. Gutiérrez M. 024 (JBB; LCDP Voucher).

Maxillaria colorata is recognized by its inflorescences generally shorter than the petioles, reddish-orange flowers, drooping sepals and petals that are ca. four times as long as the lip, and basally twisted lateral sepals. This species was originally described by H.G. Reichenbach from a Peruvian collection; Blanco (2013) placed Maxillaria portillae Christenson (described from a cultivated plant supposedly from Ecuador) in its synonymy. Maxillaria rubroglossa Szlach., Kolan., Lipińska & Medina Tr., described from southern Colombia, is also a synonym…