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Prosthechea gilbertoi
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Prosthechea gilbertoi

Prosthechea gilbertoi (Garay) W.E.Higgins, Phytologia 82(5): 378. 1997[1998].

Type: Colombia. Caldas: Anserma, 2.000 m. G. Escobar 586 (holotype: AMES!).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Antioquia: Municipality of Jardín. Road to Cueva del Esplendor, secondary forest, 2200 m. September 2015. J.S. Moreno & A. Erazo 526 (LCDP voucher).

Eponymy: Named in honor of Gilberto Escobar R. of Medellín, Colombia, collector of the species.

Prosthechea gilbertoi was originally compared to P. lambda (Linden & Rchb.f.) W.E.Higgins (as Epidendrum rueckerae Rchb.f.), but the latter is smaller, has a triangular cordate lip with a distinctly apiculate tip, and the apical column teeth are narrower. It more closely resembles Prosthechea radiata (Lindl.) W.E. Higgins, but the pseudobulbs of P. gilbertoi never become as wide and stout as P. radiata, and the column and callus are notably different. The color of Prosthechea gilbertoi can be orange to deep and shiny red to red maroon. . .