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Ornithocephalus escobarianus
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Ornithocephalus escobarianus

Ornithocephalus escobarianus (Garay) Toscano & Dressler, Lindleyana 15(4): 255. 2000.

Synonyms: Sphyrastylis escobariana Garay, Bot. Mus. Leafl. 21: 263. 1967.

Type: Colombia. Antioquia: Heliconia, 1800 m. alt. Coll. Gilberto Escobar R. no 104 (holotype, AMES).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Tolima: Municipality of Ronces- valles, 2500 m. January 2018. M. Rincón Gonzalez 421, B. Villanueva & D. Campos (TOLI; LCDP voucher).

Eponymy: Named in honor of Gilberto Escobar R. from Medellín, Colombia, collector of the species.

Ornithocephalus escobarianus (Garay) Toscano & Dressler is endemic to the Central Andes of Colombia. It is similar to Ornithocephalus hoppii (Schltr.) Toscano & Dressler but differs in the rounded lip with an excavate base and a thick, triangular, apical lobe lip. . .