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Andinia auriculipetala
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Andinia auriculipetala

Andinia auriculipetala S.Vieira-Uribe & N. Gutiérrez, sp. nov.

Andinia auriculipetala is most similar to A. cordilabia and A. werneri but can be distinguished by the acute lateral sepals (vs. apiculate), the reniform, hirsute petals proportionally larger (comparable in size to the lip) with the lobes unequal and the sub-cordate lip ciliate toward the round apex, with the basal lobes oblong and touching above the column.

Type: Colombia. Santander: Vélez province, Municipality of La Belleza, Vereda Vista Hermosa, 2480 m. 11 January 2020. M. Calderón Hernández 190 (holotype: JBB; LCDP voucher).

Andinia auriculipetala has only been found at the type locality, where it grows together with several other species of subgenus Brachycladium (Luer) Karremans & S. Vieira-Uribe such as A. catella (Luer & R. Escobar) Karremans & S. Vieira-Uribe, A. ciliaris (Luer & Hirtz) Karremans & S. Vieira-Uribe and A. irrasa (Luer & R. Escobar) Karremans & S. Vieira-Uribe. It resembles the Ecuadorean A. cordilabia (Luer) S. Vieira-Uribe & Karremans and A. werneri (Luer) S. Vieira-Uribe & Karremans in having an elliptical-ovate, hirsute dorsal sepal; diverging ovate to triangular lateral sepals and an inflorescence positioned almost opposite to the leaves, but can be distinguished by the proportionally larger reniform, hirsute petals with the lobes unequal and . . .