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Epidendrum hamatum
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Epidendrum hamatum

Epidendrum hamatum (Garay) Dressler Phytologia 21(7): 441. 1971.

Synonyms: Stenoglossum hamatum Garay, Orquideología 4: 72. 1969.

Type: Colombia. Cundinamarca: Supatá y San Francisco, 1500- 2000 m, M. Ospina-Hernández no. 22A (holotype: AMES, 86296!).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Antioquia: Municipality of Jardín, road to Reserva Natural Cueva del Esplendor, pluvial mountain forest. 2250 m, 10 October 2018, E. Domínguez, Y. Cardona & L. Echeverry 1568 (JAUM; LCDP voucher).

Epidendrum hamatum is an endemic species that belongs to the Mancum group, Stenoglossum sub group, wich is characterized by its non-resupinate flowers, lip with a lineal, terete or semi-spathulate central lobe. The most related species is Epidendrum coryophorum (Kunth) Rchb.f., but differs from the last by its pale greenflowers with purplish spots at the apex and the lip lip with lateral lobes very small, sub-terete, apex hook-like; mid-lobe hamate, linear-filiform, apex rhomboid, concave, acute; bicallose, elongate, parallel, rounded…