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Epidendrum bispathulatum
Icones Colombianae 3

Epidendrum bispathulatum

Epidendrum bispathulatum Hágsater, O.Pérez & E.Santiago, Icon. Orchid. 13: t. 1307. 2010.

Type: Colombia. Valle del Cauca: Municipality of Yotoco, Yotoco Natural Reserve, 1600 m. 11 April 2010. O.A. Pérez-Escobar, E. Parra & V. Hidalgo 513 (holotype: VALLE).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Valle del Cauca: Municipality of Calima, El Darién, 1800 m. March 2017. W.G. Vargas 29477 (COL; LCDP voucher).

Epidendrum bispathulatum is recognized by the very long tall stems, the flowers green with the apex of the column and the disc of the lip white, the bilobed mid-lobe of the lip with the lobes linear-spatulate, widened towards the apex and obliquely truncate. It is most similar to Epidendrum cirrhochilum F.Lehm. & Kraenzl. with shorter stems, similar flowers, but the lateral lobes and lobes of the mid-lobe are cirrhose and the lip has a circular purple ring surrounding the disc of the lip…