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Masdevallia coriacea
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Masdevallia coriacea

Masdevallia coriacea Lindl., Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 15: 257. 1845.

Type: Colombia. Cundinamarca: “on rocks, near Bogotá, at an elevation of 8,900 ft.”. 1842. Th. Hartweg s.n. (holotype, K-L).

Illustrated specimen: Colombia. Cundinamarca: Municipality of Chía, 2800 m. December 2014. K. Gil-Amaya 205 & P. Almanza de Ramírez (LCDP voucher).

Etymology: From the Latin coriaceus, “leathery,” in reference to the thickly coriaceous leaves.

Masdevallia coriacea Lindl. can be found on the hills surrounding Bogota, especially in Usaquen, Guadalupe, Monserrate, Cota, Subachoque, Facatativa and Boyaca, at elevations from 2200 to 3700 m, mostly it is growing terrestrially or lithophytically. This species is recognized by the thick texture of its coriaceous, leather-like leaves. The lip’s verrucose apex is another identifying morphological feature, also characteristic is the broad sepaline tube, with a chin that is usually upwards at an angle of 45 degrees. Masdevallia coriacea has a very strong unpleasant fragrance, decomposed like a sewer, and has been seen to attract flies of the families Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae. . .